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This medium-sized tree has an ovate crown with lobed leaves up to 11 cm in size. The flowers appear in small umbels in March/April. This selection from the Washington National Arboretum was chosen for its brilliant fall colors. It first turns red for 2 weeks, after which it turns purple-red. 'Brandywine' has a relatively narrow growth habit, which makes it suitable for applications in smaller gardens or public green areas where space is rather limited.
For calcareous, moist soil. They grow poorly on dry or calcareous soil and there is little autumn discoloration. Sensitive to road salt.
Flower colour
Flowering time
March, April
green, remarkable autumn colour
07.50m - 10.00m
Soil moisture
humid, normal
Soil type
heavy clay, light clay, normal (humus)
solitary bush
Size unit price 10+ 50+ 100+
8/10 € 62,00 € 55,80 € 52,70 € 49,60
10/12 € 76,00 € 68,40 € 64,60 € 60,80