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Not everything can be planted all year round. Please check the planting period HERE before ordering.


Bindbuis 2,5 mm - 180 meter

Bindbuis 3.5 mm - 150 meter

Bindbuis 4.5 mm - 100 meter

Boek: Sfeervolle tuinontwerpen

Boomband rubber op rol van 15 meter

Boombinder rubber 'Selfix'

Boomspade Polet Traditional


DCM Copron

DCM Groenkalk

DCM Mix 2

DCM Mix 5

DCM Vivimus voor heide, Rhodo, ...

DCM Vivimus voor sierheesters, hagen, ...

Felco Nr. 2 + vervangmes

Rhizoombarriëre Rootblock 1mm 60 cm hoog


Stropellets - Straw Pellets

Tuinzak DCM 170 L

Vingermesje - Handy Twine Knife

This is the original 'Handy Twine Knife' finger knife. Aluminum finger knife, very handy and safe to use due to the rounded tip. Strong and durable.