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Re-blooming raspberry with tasty, good quality fruits. Healthy variety. Bears fruits from August 1 to the end of autumn. Fruits on annual wood, so plants can be cut away in the spring to just above the ground.

Raspberries make few demands on the soil, as long as it retains sufficient moisture. They also tolerate light shade. It is best to plant them on lines on wires. Planting distance 40 to 50 cm on the line. When planting, it is best to prune all shoots back to 20 to 30 cm above the ground.
Maturity and Conservation
august, September, October
Planting distance (hedge)
40 cm, 50 cm
Size unit price 10+ 50+ 100+
P9 € 2,70 € 2,43 € 2,30 € 2,16