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This is a broad growing, upright shrub or small tree with spreading branches. Older specimens are almost as wide as they are tall, with a slightly open habit. The young branches are purple. The dark green leaves are usually broadly ovate, 4-6 centimeters long and 3-4 centimeters wide and shiny on top. They have small, non-sharp, forward-facing spines that are only present on the top part of the leaf. The underside of the leaf is light green. The leaf surface is slightly convex and not very wavy. The fruit set is abundant and red to orange-red in color. Unlike other cultivars, the birds only eat the berries of this cultivar when there is a lack of food. Often the berries remain on the plant until the new berries appear. It is a self-fertilizing cultivar and therefore has a special place in the range. No male plant is required to bear berries. Good hedge plant.

Holly grows in full sun, partial shade and shade, but requires a sufficiently moist, humus-rich soil. They do not like lime soil. Very wet soils are not suitable for holly.
Holly is very easy to cut and can be used as a solitary, in groups and as a hedge. Even the Romans already used holly to plant impenetrable hedges.
Flower colour
Flowering time
May, June
04.00m - 05.00m
Planting distance (hedge)
50 cm, 60 cm
cone, rising growth
Soil moisture
Soil type
deficient in lime/acid, light clay, normal (humus)
partial shade, sun
borders, fruit-bearing, groups, hedges, solitary bush
Size unit price 10+ 50+ 100+
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