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This new cultivar stands out for its fast growth and striking foliage. In spring, the young reddish-purple leaves appear, which later turn blue-green. In early autumn the leaves turn to aubergine blue, and this will continue until April. Ilex meserveae 'Heckenblau' is a male cultivar and therefore bears flowers but no fruit. It is a good pollinator for the female meservaea cultivars such as 'Blue Angel' and 'Blue Princess'.

Holly grows in full sun, partial shade and shade, but requires a sufficiently moist, humus-rich soil. They do not like lime soil. Very wet soils are not suitable for holly.
Holly is very easy to cut and can be used as a solitary, in groups and as a hedge. Even the Romans already used holly to plant impenetrable hedges.
Flower colour
bluish green, red
Planting distance (hedge)
50 cm, 60 cm
Soil moisture
Soil type
deficient in lime/acid, light clay, normal (humus)
partial shade, shade, sun
groups, hedges, solitary bush
Size unit price 10+ 50+ 100+
60/80 € 14,40 € 12,96 € 12,24 € 11,52
80/100 € 19,20 € 17,28 € 16,32 € 15,36