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Rosa (G) 'Dame de Coeur'

Rosa (G) 'Liparfum'

Rosa (G) 'Peace'

Rosa (G) 'Rose Gaujard'

Rosa (G) 'White Symphony'

Rosa (H) 'Ballerina'

Rosa (H) rugosa

Rosa (H) rugosa 'Alba'

Rosa (K) 'Guirlande d'Amour'

Rosa (K) 'New Dawn'

Rosa (K) 'Paul's Scarlet Climber'

Rosa (K) 'Schneewittchen Climbing'

Rosa (T) 'Melgold'

Rosa (T) 'Melroze'

Rosa (T) 'Nina Weibull'

Rosa (T) 'Queen Elizabeth'

Rosa (T) 'Schneewitchen'

Rosa (T) 'The Fairy'

Rosa (T) 'Wettra'

Rosa (T) 'White The Fairy'