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PEER 'Beurré Hardy'

PEER 'Conference'

PEER 'Double Philippe'

PEER 'Doyenne du Comice'

PEER 'Durondeau'

PEER 'Legipont'

PERZIK 'Amsden'

PERZIK 'Charles Ingouf'

PERZIK 'Madame Gaujard'

PERZIK 'Triumph'

Highly productive and disease resistant variety. 'Triumph' produces beautiful large peaches with yellow skin, marbled with dark red on the sunny side, and yellow flesh, soft, [ ... ]

PERZIK 'Vaes Oogst'

PRUIM 'Anna Späth

PRUIM 'Bleu de Belgique'

PRUIM 'Mirabelle Ruby' - Prunier en colonne

Columnar plum that takes up very little space and is therefore interesting for the small garden. Red plums with yellow-red flesh. Sweet taste. Self-pollinating, but cross-pol [ ... ]

PRUIM 'Reine-Claude d'Althan' (Conducta)

PRUIM 'Reine-Claude d'Oullins'

PRUIM 'Victoria' (Queen Victoria)