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Castanea sativa

Corylus 'Halle'sche Riesen' (=Géant de Halle) - Hazelnut

This large-fruited hazelnut flowers in February/March with inconspicuous catkins. 'Halle'sche Riesen' produces large, long-shaped, tasty hazelnuts that are edible from Septem [ ... ]

Corylus 'Kentish Cob' (=Lange Spaanse) - Hazelnut

Large elongated fruits that ripen in September, good taste. A fairly compact growing hazel with yellow hanging catkins in winter. Synonym: 'Lange Spaanse' Partially self-p [ ... ]

Corylus 'Rode Zellernoot' - Hazelnut

Hazelnut with large ovate red leaves, reaching 4 to 6 meters high. Can be kept smaller by pruning. Yellow-red catkins in January-February, redder than other hazel trees. 'Red [ ... ]