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Magnolia 'Black Tulip'

'Black Tulip' is a wonderful Magnolia. The goblet-shaped flowers are of a beautiful, intense wine-red color. The flower looks very dark on the tree because the petals are so [ ... ]

Magnolia 'Daybreak'

Magnolia 'Galaxi'

Magnolia 'Heaven Scent'

Magnolia 'Susan'

Magnolia kobus - Northern Japanese Magnolia

Magnolia liliiflora 'Nigra' - Black Lily Magnolia

Magnolia loebneri 'Leonard Messel'

Very richly flowering with lilac-pink flowers with a white interior. Frost resistant flowers. Nice, smaller tree.

Magnolia loebneri 'Merrill'

Magnolia soulangeana - Saucer Magnolia, Chinese Magnolia

Magnolia stellata - Star Magnolia

Magnolia stellata 'Royal Star'

Mahonia aquifolium - Orange Grape

Mahonia aquifolium 'Apollo' - Orange Grape

Mahonia media 'Winter Sun' - Oregon Grape

Malus 'Evereste' - Flowering Crab

Malus 'Evereste' grows up to 6 meters high, with a pyramidal crown. The pure white flowers in May are followed by many orange-red to red fruits, up to 2.5 cm across. They rem [ ... ]

Malus 'Golden Hornet' - Crab Apple

Malus 'John Downie' - Crab Apple

Malus 'Liset' - Crab Apple

Malus 'Professor Sprenger' - Crab Apple