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Actinidia deliciosa 'Jenny' - Kiwi

APPEL 'Belle de Boskoop'

APPEL 'Elstar'

APPEL 'Gloster'

APPEL 'Jacques Lebel'

APPEL 'James Grieve'

APPEL 'Jonagold'

APPEL 'Reine de Reinettes'

APPEL 'Reinette de France'

APPEL 'Reinette Etoilée'

APPEL 'Transparante Blanche'

APPEL 'Tydemans Early'

Castanea sativa

Corylus 'Halle'sche Riesen' (=Géant de Halle) - Hazelnut

This large-fruited hazelnut flowers in February/March with inconspicuous catkins. 'Halle'sche Riesen' produces large, long-shaped, tasty hazelnuts that are edible from Septem [ ... ]

Corylus 'Kentish Cob' (=Lange Spaanse) - Hazelnut

Corylus 'Rode Zellernoot' - Hazelnut

Hazelnut with large ovate red leaves, reaching 4 to 6 meters high. Can be kept smaller by pruning. Yellow-red catkins in January-February, redder than other hazel trees. 'Red [ ... ]

DRUIF 'Vroege van der Laan'

DRUIF Glorie van 'Boskoop'

FRAMBOOS 'All Gold' - Raspberry

Autumn bearing yellow raspberry. Fruits on annual wood, so plants can be cut away in the spring to just above the ground. Raspberries make few demands on the soil, as long [ ... ]

FRAMBOOS 'Autumn Bliss' - Raspberry

Re-blooming raspberry with tasty, good quality fruits. Healthy variety. Bears fruits from August 1 to the end of autumn. Fruits on annual wood, so plants can be cut away in t [ ... ]

FRAMBOOS 'Marwé' - Raspberry

Early summer raspberry. Fairly new and good breed. Fairly large raspberries of deep red color. Good disease resistance, and is considered to be one of the best production var [ ... ]

FRAMBOOS 'Tulameen' - Raspberry

Juglans regia - Walnut

These beautiful trees - just like sweet chestnuts excellent for use as a solitary plant - prefer a deeply permeable and preferably calcareous soil. Although slow-growing, the [ ... ]

Juglans regia 'nr. 139' (Weinheimer Walnuss) - Walnut

Improved variety from Weinheim (Germany), which bears fruit at a young age. Suitable for different soils. Has a rich and regular fertility. Self-pollinating. Light colored [ ... ]

KERS 'Bigarreau Blanc'

KERS 'Bigarreau Blanc-Rose'

KERS 'Bigarreau Noir'

KERS 'Bigarreau Van'

KERS 'Early Rivers'

KERS 'Hedelfinger'

KERS 'Karina'

KERS 'Kordia'

Large fruits of excellent taste. Dark red with firm dark red flesh. Self-pollinating. Recommended pollinators: Hedelfinger, Early Rivers.

KRIEK 'Morel' (Noordkriek)



PEER 'Beurré Hardy'

PEER 'Conference'

PEER 'Double Philippe'

PEER 'Doyenne du Comice'

PEER 'Durondeau'

PEER 'Legipont'

PERZIK 'Amsden'

PERZIK 'Charles Ingouf'

PERZIK 'Madame Gaujard'

PERZIK 'Reine des Vergers'

PERZIK 'Vaes Oogst'

PRUIM 'Anna Späth

PRUIM 'Bleu de Belgique'

PRUIM 'Reine-Claude Crottée'

PRUIM 'Reine-Claude d'Althan' (Conducta)